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Interior Design and Home Staging curated with the eye of an artist

Interior Design and Home Staging curated with the eye of an artist

Interior Design and Home Staging curated with the eye of an artistInterior Design and Home Staging curated with the eye of an artistInterior Design and Home Staging curated with the eye of an artist

What is Home Staging


Vacant or Occupied Staging

Home Staging is the art of preparing to sell your home faster and for more profit by presenting it in it's most positive light.

Ann Tristani Design LLC has the tools to look at your home objectively and suggest changes and updates that will make emotional connections to buyers.

The home staging process can be done in a home that is either vacant or occupied.

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The Staging Process and Costs


Consultation and Detailed Staging Report  - $125 - $250

All occupied homes start with a detailed Consultation and Staging Report, so we have a plan to help you sell your home fast and for the best price possible.

After discussing your home, expectations, goals, and target market, we will go through your home discussing what needs to be done to prepare your home for sale. 

We will work together to create a detailed Staging Report in which you write down everything you will need to do to in each room of your home to prepare it for market. 

The consultation can take up to 2 hours and will cover the following:

  • To-do Checklists for each room of the home
  • Recommended furniture arrangement for each space
  • Decluttering, de-personalizing and space-optimizing ideas for each room
  • Ways to highlight architectural features and guide the buyer’s eyes to notice high-value assets and minimize other less attractive areas
  • Lighting, window treatment and accessory arrangement and recommendations
  • Color advice and emotional connection points in each space, so buyers fall in love!

You will walk away with all the answers, a Priority Shopping List and a recommended Vendor List to help you complete the staging recommendations we discuss.

**If the home is larger than 3500 sq. ft. with multiple staging areas there could be an additional time cost to cover the larger home and additional time spent on the project. 



Home Staging: $695 - $995, depending on scope of project


This service includes the initial consult, the time it takes to plan for and prepare your project, select rental furniture (if applicable), stage the property, and de-stage after the home sells.  

(Note: The monthly furniture rental fee is in addition to this one-time staging fee)

Home Staging will typically cover the main living area, master bedroom, kitchen and main bathroom staging, with furniture and accessory rental, as well as emotional connection point setup in each space. Upon completion, you will be ready for beautiful “after” photos of your staged rooms!

(Note: This service is available upon completion of the packing, cleaning and recommended tasks outlined in your Staging Report)

Power Shopping -- $75 per hour

We’ll create a budget and I will shop for those accessories that serve as investments in the sale of your home. 

Vacant Home Staging – Free phone estimate

Vacant homes are especially in need of staging because they tend to take longer to sell and get the lowest price.  Call Ann Tristani Design LLC for a price estimate that gives you options and works within your budget while making your home BEAUTIFUL!

Additional services available based upon your home’s needs and budge

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All Home Staging or Redesign projects begin with an in home Consultation and include a Staging Report outlining our plan in detail.

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interior design and home staging in Edgewater CO

Attention to detail

Attention to detail

Attention to detail

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the eye of an artist
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An Artists Eye

Attention to detail

Attention to detail

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interior design and home staging in Edgewater CO

Ability to listen

Attention to detail

Ability to listen

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